Why Spring Maintenance is Essential for Flat Roof Homes

One of the main benefits conferred by flat roofs is that they can be maintained more easily. But this also means they often require more regular maintenance than pitched roofs. This is especially true during the springtime, when heavy water flows and rapidly fluctuating temperatures put a lot of stress on the entire roof system.

While you may be able to handle some minor repairs to your flat roof on your own, it is important to get a professional inspection who can help you catch all the damage and handle any necessary repairs before summer comes. When it comes to roof repair Toronto, the trusted contractor you want on your roof is Professional Roofers. With extensive experience in all types of roofing, we are the best Toronto roofers to inspect your flat roof and identify damage before it becomes a problem.


1. Winter Can Leave a Flat Roof Compromised


Toronto winters are notoriously bad for houses. Between the freezing and thawing, the heavy snowfalls, the fallen branches and the depredations of birds and animals, there is a very good chance your roofing membrane has suffered some damage.Even the best-made flat roof is susceptible to small tears and holes, and if these aren’t dealt with, they can lead to serious leaks and other water-damage related problems.

If you are looking for roof repair in Toronto for a flat roof, Professional Roofers should be your go-to company. With extensive experience in all aspects of flat roof installation and repair, we can fix any damage your roof may have suffered over the winter.

2. Drainage Problems Start Small, But Snowball


One of the most common problems homeowners with flat roofs experience in spring is pooling water. This is a particular issue with older roofs, but even roofs that have recently been re-done can have drainage problems that lead to water sticking around for longer than it should.

The reason for almost always has to do with the drainage system. As debris is washed into the drain pipes, leaves and twigs can form barriers that catch dirt and gravel, slowing the drainage process or stopping it altogether. The longer it takes the water to drain, the more chance it has of bringing even more debris down the pipe, and a small clog can lead to big problems if left unattended.

In some cases, homeowners may be able to unclog the drains themselves by removing the drain dome and clearing it of dirt. But if this doesn’t work, you will probably need to have your drain snaked in order to remove the blockage and let the water flow through.  Because one of the things we focus on is installing and maintaining flat roofing in Toronto at Professional Roofers we are well-equipped to help you deal with all your drainage problems quickly, efficiently, and safely. We can also check to make sure there are no leaks that might be causing invisible water damage inside your home.



3. An Inspection Helps You Get Ready for Summer


One of the great things about having a flat roof is being able to use it as an extension of your living space in summer. Especially in cities like Toronto, where balconies and porches are not always a common feature of home design, a flat roof can be an ideal deck space for grilling and chilling come summer.

But using your flat roof in this way also increases the wear and tear it will experience, which makes it even more essential that you undertake a thorough inspection in the spring.

If you’re planning on using your flat roof as part of your living space this summer, give Professional Roofers a call — our Toronto roofing experts can help you make sure your roof is ready for summer use, and can even advise you on ways to keep it in good condition during the months of heavy use.

Flat roof homes have become increasingly popular in Toronto not only because they give houses a trendy profile and extended living space, but because they provide an efficient alternative to pitched roofs that are easier to maintain.

But if you want to keep your roof system in good condition so that it will continue to keep your home protected for years to come, make sure to book your spring inspection from Professional Roofers today.

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