One of the biggest burdens of being a homeowner is the responsibility of constantly keeping up with your gutter maintenance. Although it’s only a bi-annual task, it slips your mind easier than you would think. As days go by, your gutters are gradually filled with debris such as leaves, sticks, acorns, you name it. These bits and pieces eventually fill up and block the troughs, causing a water overflow.


If a cleaning isn’t regularly done, you’ll see the exterior walls of your home, steps and walkways being flooded with water. In a worse case scenario, the water will seep down into the foundation and directly into your basement.  Dealing with a flooded basement is definitely more of a hassle than simply cleaning your gutters. Why cause more stress and damage to your home when there is a simple solution?


A flooded basement isn’t the only thing an unmaintained gutter system can damage. The melting and expansion of the ice can cause cracks in cement, including your driveway, walkway, garden structures, etc. The more this process continues the damage increase and the homes curb appeal decreases.


It also becomes very dangerous for those walking by. Surfaces that are covered in ice are become very slippery and dangerous. Slips and falls during the winter can be easily prevented by maintaining gutter maintenance.


Overall, simple eavestrough maintenance will save you the headache and repair costs. Call an expert roofing company in Toronto to give you a quote on a gutter cleaning today.