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Professional Roofers is a Toronto roofing company that has over two decades of experience in the business. We are a family-owned business that is committed to providing efficient, effective and affordable roofing services across the Greater Toronto Area.

In our many years in the business, we’ve formed long-lasting relationships with suppliers that allow us to purchase quality materials at a fair price. By cutting out the middleman, we can provide quality roofing solutions at an affordable cost.

Our staff of roofing contractors have the experience, knowledge, and resources needed to solve your roofing problems. Whatever roofing problem you may face, enlist the help of our professional roofing services in Toronto.

Residential & Commercial Toronto Roofing Services

The 2016 Census revealed that Toronto is home to a total amount of 2,235,145 private dwellings, and that number continues to increase as the population grows. As the city’s old homes age and new homes get built, the roofing needs of Torontonians continue to rise.

Professional Roofers provides a wide range of residential and commercial roofing services in Toronto to help homeowners and business owners alike solve their roofing problems with long-lasting solutions.

Shingle Roofing

Professional Roofers provides shingle roofing services in Toronto and across the GTA. Get professional shingle installation or repair to ensure that your home or commercial space is adequately protected, and aesthetically pleasing.

Learn more about our shingle roofing services today.

Flat Roof Repair & Installation

Professional Roofers offers flat roofing services in Toronto for both residential and commercial spaces. Professional flat roof installation and repair is essential to ensure the effectiveness and quality of work.

Our roofing contractors are experts in the field and will see to it that your flat roof is installed or repaired correctly.

Learn more about our flat roofing services today.

Metal Roofing in Toronto

Metal roofing is a durable and aesthetically-pleasing roofing solution for commercial and residential properties.

The roofing option is favourable due to its strength and resistance to environmental factors. Professional Roofers provides metal roofing services in Toronto and surrounding cities.

Learn more about our metal roofing services today.

Eavestroughs & Downspouts

Your roof’s eavestrough and downspouts work together to protect your roof from water damage. They work in tandem to make sure that water runs off of your roof and gets diverted to ground level to prevent any leaks or flooding.

Our professional eavestrough and downspouts services in Toronto include cleaning, maintenance, installation and repair.

Read more about our professional services today.

Soffit & Fascia

Soffit and fascia are parts of a roof that enhances aesthetics and ensures that a roofing system is adequately protected and supported. Professional Roofers offers soffit and fascia services in Toronto and surrounding areas.

The soffit (the finished surface under a roof) helps to maintain ventilation, whereas the fascia caps the supporting rafters found at the edge of a roof under the eavestrough.

Read more about the soffit and fascia services we offer today.

Attic Ventilation Services

Professional Roofers’ staff of roofing contractors in Toronto  specialize in attic ventilation. We provide professional attic ventilation services to ensure that your roofing system can let air flow in. Air flow is essential to maintain good indoor air quality and keep the system protected from humidity and moisture.

Read about our attic ventilation services today.

Skylight Repair & Installation

Skylights are a great way to elevate your roofing system and increase your home’s value in Toronto. We offer professional skylight installation and repair services to help you bring in natural light to your residential or commercial space. 

A skylight that is not properly installed or repaired by professionals can result in weather damage, compromised indoor air quality, and increased energy costs. 

Learn more about our skylight services today.

Roof Repair Services

Whether you are dealing with a leaky roof, or extreme weather conditions have wreaked havoc on your shingles or flat roof, you can count on our Toronto roofing company for quality roof repair services.

Professional Roofers offers a range of roof repair services in Toronto to ensure your roof is as good as new. Whatever problem your roofing system is faced with, our roofing contractors will have a solution.

Learn more about the roof repair services we offer

Roofing Insulation

Roof Insulation

The roofing contractors at Professional Roofers have the experience and resources necessary to provide long-lasting roofing insulation solutions in Toronto and the GTA.

Our professional roofing insulation services help to ensure that your roof is adequately insulated. Roofing insulation plays an essential role in maintaining the ventilation, temperature control, and structural integrity of your roof.

Read about our professional roofing insulation materials.

Emergency Roof Repair in Toronto

While you can fix some roofing problems with minor repair, maintenance or thorough cleaning, certain types of roof damage requires emergency roof repair.

Professional Roofers provides emergency roof repair services in Toronto to help homeowners and business owners solve roofing problems sooner rather than later. If you call Professional Roofers with a roofing emergency, our roofing contractors will take immediate action, whether that means immediate sealing a leak or a roof replacement if your roof is beyond repair.

Learn more about our emergency roof repair services now.

Your Solution to Toronto Roofing Problems

Whether your roofing system requires shingle repair or needs to be replaced altogether, our Toronto roofing company is up to the challenge. With over 20 years experience in the business, there is no roofing problem we haven’t faced.

We use quality materials that we get at a fair price, and take pride in being able to extend the fair cost to our clients. There is no reason why quality work and materials should be unaffordable for homeowners or business owners.

Professional Roofers’ contractors will help you maintain, repair or replace any roofing system that is compromised. Roofs protect the structural integrity of residential and commercial properties and, as such, deserve to be protected too.

Everyone deserves to live and work under roofs that are adequately supported not just by a foundation, but by roofers who care and work effectively.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The process was transparent and open from beginning to end. They gave a full explanation of what they would provide. The crew was very efficient, clean and cooperative. Great workers and friendly.
– John, Toronto
Professional Roofers showed up a bit before the scheduled time, with 4 workers. They were very professional, let us know exactly what they were doing, especially if it was something that was not expected. They actually showed me where the problems were before correcting them. The job they did was excellent. One of the things I was most impressed with was the clean up job they did when the project was finished. We were extremely pleased with the completed roof.
– Sheilaa, Toronto

About Professional Roofers: Experienced Roofing Contractors in Toronto

Professional Roofers is a family-owned Toronto roofing company and BBB accredited business that is committed to customer satisfaction.

We are the proud owners of hundreds of glowing HomeStars reviews and continue to work towards providing our customers with roofing solutions that they can count on and afford.

Get in touch with Professional Roofers today to learn about our roofing services in Toronto or get a free estimate.

To contact our Toronto Roofing Experts call 416.604.9765


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