The Shingle Life

While we've already discussed the importance of ventilation in this month's series of Pro-Roofers blogs, we're now going to delve into the essential units that constitute a roof: shingles. Here at Pro-Roofers, we like to keep it traditional and classic, and there's nothing more traditional than shingles on a roof. Shingles are an American invention that came about in the early twentieth century. Since shingles were invented, the majority of roofs have been composed of formerly-living organic base or fiberglass base shingles coated with surface granules that block ultra-violet light in order to preserve the integrity of the roof for as long as possible.

As we've spoken of many times here on the blog, Canadian weather can be harsh and unpredictable. While some poetic souls may argue that the change of seasons is a beautiful thing, one thing is for certain: the change of seasons is no good for your shingles. An important point to keep in mind is that roof shingles should never be installed when the temperature is below ten degrees Celsius. For the shingles to properly bond and form the greater structure that shields your home, a certain level of warmth is required.

When you've decided which shingles you'd like to have on your roof, it's important to find reliable, dedicated expert roofers in Toronto – such as yours truly; making sure that the shingles are properly nailed in and adhere to each other is paramount to the integrity of your roof. The type of shingles you choose can also decide how long it will be before you need serious maintenance or an all out replacement. Although it is not the focus of this entry, it is worth noting in passing that regular eavestrough and downspout repairs are the other key factor in preventing your roof from decaying prematurely.

Architectural shingles – also known as 'dimensional' shingles – are amongst the highest quality roofing products available (the Cadillac of shingles, if you will). These shingles are made of dense fiberglass with a mat base and are extremely well armoured against moisture, partially owing to the state-of-the-art mineral granules coated in a ceramic shield embedded in the asphalt. In addition to being long lasting, architectural shingles give your roof a cool, textured style that is easy on the eyes. These types of shingles sometimes come with a warranty of up to fifty years.


If you don't want to break the bank on fancy, dimensional shingles, you can always rely on the classics – and there's certainly no shame in that. With regular shingles, you're looking at a life span of about twenty to thirty years, depending on materials and the competence with which the work is performed. Unfortunately for Canadians, the main factor in the erosion of shingles is abrupt fluctuations in the weather and thermal shock. In places with consistent climates, shingles may last thirty to forty years, whereas in Canada – and certainly in Toronto – you're looking at twenty-five to thirty if you're lucky.

Once the integrity of the shingle has been compromised and the nails become exposed, water will start to seep through the shingles, causing rot and moisture damage. This can be a huge headache and create problems for your home beyond the realm of the roof. Fortunately, Pro-Roofers is always close-by and ready to perform expert roof repair services in Toronto and the surrounding area. Don't wait until it's too late, if you suspect your shingles might be worn out, give us a call!

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