If you pay attention to trends in Toronto architecture, you’ve probably already noticed that one of the hottest design features all the latest rebuilt and renovated downtown homes offer is a flat roof.

There are many reasons for the boom in flat roof building across the core of the GTA, but if you’re considering a major renovation of your own, your biggest question is probably about the practical advantages and disadvantages flat roofs offer.

Are there hidden costs to flat roofs in a climate like Ontario’s? Is it really worthwhile to get rid of your pitched roof in favor of a flat roof?

Everyone’s needs will be slightly different, but there are some general things all homeowners should keep in mind. To that end, here is a short explanation laying out some flat roof pros and cons if you’re looking for Toronto roofing upgrades.

Flat Roofs are Easier to Maintain…

A flat roof offers you much easier access, and for that reason it is a lot easier to maintain. You can get up onto the roof yourself more easily, which makes everything from cleaning debris to fixing the drains easier to do.

Furthermore, punctures and tears in the membrane don’t require you to replace whole sections of the roof, especially if you’re using a single layer membrane system that can be easily patched up.

…But They Require More Maintenance

Most asphalt roofs are designed to last between fifteen and twenty years at minimum, and metal, slate, or cedar shake roofs can last considerably longer. Though you may need to take care of storm damage or deal with minor issues here and there, for the most part you won’t have to think about it until it is well into its life-cycle.

A flat roof, on the other hand, does require a little more TLC, especially before and after winter. Some of this maintenance can be taken care of by the homeowner, but you’ll still want to regularly get in touch with a roofing company in Toronto that knows your style of roofing to make sure your membrane is watertight.

A Flat Roof Expands Your Living Space

One reason flat roofs have become such a common feature of Toronto roofing is because they help homeowners make the most of the space they have. Not only does a flat roof replace awkward slanting ceilings with clean, square angles, the roof space can also be used to build a deck or rooftop garden in the summer.

Non-Pitched Roofs are Cheaper

Finally, flat roofs simply cost less than pitched roofs do, both in terms of maintenance and installation — sometimes by thousands of dollars. While converting a pitched roof house into a flat roof house will come with its own costs, once a flat roof has been installed, it is a great deal less expensive to fix and replace than a pitched roof.

People choose flat roof homes for a variety of reasons. Some appreciate the more economical use of space, some want a roof they can maintain on their own, and others are simply drawn to the clean, modern lines of flat roof homes.

Whatever your particular reasons for considering a flat roof Toronto has plenty of great examples of successful flat roof renovations. More importantly, Toronto roofing contractors have the experience and know-how to help you install a roof that can hold up in the face of even the most extreme Toronto weather.