The Hidden Costs of NOT Replacing Your Roof

A new roof is a big investment, plain and simple. Many homeowners put it off because of the costs that come with it. Some believe that patch repairs will do the job year after year while they avoid the inevitable. But what happens when the costs of not replacing your roof become more expensive than the roof itself?

What many homeowners don’t realize is that these small roof repairs are only a temporary fix. If the roof is continuously leaking, shingles will keep falling causing structure damages that are not visible. This damage will inevitably continue to grow over time. Once your repairs become continuous, we recommend opting for a roof replacement all together. Repairs after repairs can become tedious, stressful and costly. Let’s take a look at some of these hidden costs.

Continuous Roof Repairs

When shingles are at the end of their life, they begin to crack, curl and break off. Some homeowners try to get away with small repairs, which do work sometimes. However, how many times are you going to pay for a small repair? Continuous fixes end up being very costly. Sometimes, it’s better to have the roof completely redone when it has reached the end of its life. Once the repairs become consistent and costly, homeowners should consider collecting quotes for a full roof replacement. This will save money in the long run and eliminate the stress of having a damaged roof.

Rotten Plywood

If a roof begins to leak, water that has entered the home will sit there day after day. Eventually, things will begin to deteriorate. This includes the many sheets of plywood used as the base of your roof.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, roofing materials have skyrocketed, including plywood. If you are planning on having your roof replaced, the expenses become even larger with every sheet that also needs to be replaced. Save yourself some money by replacing your roof at the right time. This allows you to purchase a couple sheets of plywood as needed, as opposed to all.

Damaged Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is a crucial element to any home. During the humid summer months, you want your home to stay cool. During the frigid winter months, you want your home to stay comfortably warm.

Insulation does not need to be changed every time you replace the roof. However, if any leaking has occurred, it is important to replace any mould that has grown on the attic insulation. Save yourself the extra costs by having your roof replaced at a reasonable time, so that you don’t need to add or replace the insulation as well.

Interior Wall and Ceiling Damage

Once the water has travelled through the plywood and insulation, its next top is your ceiling. Bubbles will begin to form in your ceiling, leaving water stains and mold across the surface area. It will then travel down your walls, creating streak marks and damaged drywall. These intrusions become quite an eyesore and take away from the aesthetic of your home.

If you would like to avoid having repairs done to the interior of your home, being proactive with replacing your roof is always the best solution. When you're ready to replace your roof, you can trust our Toronto roofers to get the job done.

Light Fixture and Electrical Issues

When water enters your ceiling, you run the risk of it effecting your electrical throughout the home. Enough water can damage light fixtures, electrical outlets or even the wiring that connects them all.

When all is said and done, having to call an electrician to run new wiring could end up being very expensive to any homeowner.

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