SPF For Commercial Roofs in the GTA

When flat roofs are professionally sealed and insulated, they are a sustainable, aesthetic choice for commercial buildings. Professional Roofers is an experienced roofing company in the GTA that provides Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) solutions for commercial flat roofs.

SPF is applied in liquid form, but immediately expands and dries as a firm, watertight, foam upon application. The material expands 30 times its size after drying, creating a durable blanket across your roof.

Without effective sealing and insulation, flat roofs can sag and become susceptible to water pooling.

Our commercial roofing contractors specialize in SPF solutions to help business owners ensure that their property’s roof is durable and resistant to environmental factors.

How SPF Works

The application of SPF is a simple, quick process with long-term benefits. This is the step by step process by which SPF is applied to a flat roof:

  1. The spray polyurethane foam insulation mixture is set.
  2. The foam is then heated by a pump to ensure the proportions of each component.
  3. The components are put into a spray gun where they mix together.
  4. The surfacing is applied either by a roller or directly onto a roof.

Professional SPF Installation for Commercial Roofs

SPF is a common commercial roofing solution due to the fact that it effectively seals and protects flat roofs, the most common roof type for industrial and retail properties.

That said, when SPF is not applied by a professional, it can compromise the integrity of your property. When installed by professional roofing contractors like Professional Roofers, however, an SPF solution can benefit your commercial property in many different ways:

  • Long-Lasting for Extended Building Life

SPF-sealed roofs can last anywhere from 20-35 years. They help you to upkeep your commercial space and protect it from environmental factors, without having to bother with frequent roof replacement or maintenance.

  • Durable

SPF dries into a foam-like material that is waterproof, watertight, and resistant to environmental factors. When your flat roof is properly sealed with an SPF solution, you can have peace of mind that nothing stands a chance of penetrating your roof’s surface.

  • Sealed

SPF foam creates an airtight seal that keeps moisture out of your roof. This helps to avoid any potential water damage to equipment and products.

  • Cost-Efficient

This is a cost-effective roofing solution not only because it’s affordable, but because it saves property owners money in the long run. It is long-lasting, requires little maintenance, and protects your home from potential damage that would call for costly roof repairs.

  •  Energy Efficient

Commercial spaces like warehouses already draw a lot of energy due to heavy equipment use. Thankfully SPF insulation helps to maintain ventilation, which eliminates the need to crank up the heat or air conditioning. It keeps inside conditions comfortable without needing to draw a lot of power that will hike up a property’s energy bill.

What Customers Are Saying About Professional Roofers

I had a roof leak repaired by this company and I will definitely be contacting them again for future work. Patrick put in great time and effort to ensure I was satisfied with the repairs and I trust Professional Roofers to provide quality service. Five stars.

Howard in Toronto

Get Professional SPF Installation

Professional Roofers is a Toronto roofing company that offers professional SPF installation for commercial and industrial properties across the GTA. We serve various cities across Toronto and surrounding areas, not limited to Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Oakville, and Brampton.

In our over 20 years of experience in the business, we have been able to form long-standing relationships with suppliers that allow us to purchase high-quality materials at a fair price. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to provide our roofing solutions at a fair price to our customers without sacrificing the quality of work.

We are a family-owned, BBB accredited business that is committed to customer satisfaction. If your commercial flat roof is in need of SPF insulation, fill out our form online or get in touch with us today for a free estimate.