Revolutionizing Home Design: How We're Helping Homeowners Make Their Vision Come To Life

At Professional Roofers, we understand the challenges homeowners face when envisioning renovations or modifications to their homes. That's why we've adopted Hover, an innovative software that simplifies the entire visualization process. With just a few pictures provided by the homeowner, this cutting-edge technology crafts a stunningly accurate 3D model of the property.

How It Works

Hover uses pictures to generate a exact 3D model of any home or building. Homeowners and contractors can capture images of their building's exterior from various angles using a smartphone or a digital camera. These images are then uploaded into the Hover software, where complex algorithms and advanced processing work their magic. Within a short period, a detailed 3D model is generated, capturing precise measurements and intricate details of the home.

Our primary goal is to empower homeowners by providing innovative tools like Hover. We're dedicated to making the visualization of home improvements as seamless and accurate as possible. Whether it’s a simple exterior remodel or a comprehensive renovation project, Hover's 3D models pave the way for a clearer, more efficient planning process.

Our adoption of Hover software has truly transformed the way homeowners perceive their properties. The capability to generate detailed 3D models from simple images empowers individuals to envision, plan, and execute their home improvement projects with ease and accuracy. As technology continues to evolve, our commitment remains steadfast: to provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance the homeowner experience and redefine the possibilities of home design.

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