Flat Roof Repair & Installation Services in Toronto

Equipped with over two decades of experience in the business, Professional Roofers will install, repair or replace any roof — this includes the increasingly popular flat roof. This sleek roof provides the modern aesthetic that so many homeowners and architects strive for.

Who better to install your new, unique flat roof than a professional Toronto roofer? We are a team of educated, experienced individuals who are experts in our field.

Flat roofs, unlike sloped roofs, are more or less horizontal. While sloped roofs have inclines that naturally allows water to run off of them, flat roofs are built with a subtle gradient to help prevent pooling and allow proper drainage.

Our Toronto roofing company is proud to be the source for all of your roofing solutions. We are equipped to handle any and all of your roofing needs from roof removal, to roof repair, to roof replacement, to flat roof installation.

We understand that roofing solutions are needed everywhere, which is why we offer our services in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Aurora, Newmarket, Hamilton, and all across the GTA.

Whether you are looking to get a flat roof installed or need yours repaired, we are the roofers that you want to call.

Understanding Flat Roofing Materials

At one point, a combination of tar and gravel was used on flat roofs to prevent water from penetrating the surface — then it was realized that these materials make a roof susceptible to sagging and, as an extension, pooling. You can imagine the challenges Canada’s harsh climate can pose for flat roofing and its materials.

To combat our less than favourable weather, we specialize in a variety of modern flat roofing materials. These are the main materials that we use in our flat roofing services:

  • SPF The primary material our Toronto roofing company uses for our flat roofing services is Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). This liquid material expands into a rigid foam that creates a durable watertight blanket. This material not only adds structural strength to your roof but makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and high winds. You can imagine how useful this type of durable material is when it comes to protecting your home in Canadian winters.
  • Metal We offer quality metal roofing thanks to our access to top-notch metal materials. Flat metal roofs are known to be durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain and eco-friendly. The latter is because metal roofs tend to be made up of recycled materials that can be re-recycled.
  • PVC PVC Membrane is an insulation board available in a variety of sizes. It can be applied to your roof via adhesive, ballasting, or mechanical fastening. The material comes in rolls, and the pieces are bound together by heat welding. It’s eco-friendly, long-lasting and penetration proof. This material is used primarily because it is resistant to oils, fuels, acids, greases, chemicals and chemical fumes. Sometimes additives are added to PVC to increase the flexibility or durability of the material. Some additives can even change the colour of the membrane’s appearance!
  • TPO TPO – more specifically known as Thermoplastic Polyolefin—is a type of single ply roofing layer. Like PVC, it can be adhered, ballasted or mechanically attached. The membrane is offered in tan, white and grey, and is most commonly used for commercial and industrial buildings.
  • EPDM This synthetic rubber material is used for both residential and commercial flat roofs. The single-ply membrane may be thin, but it has proven to be resistant to temperature changes and high impacts.
  • Modified Bitumen This flat roofing material is popular because it’s made up of asphalt, a trusted weatherproofing material. It has multiple layers, is long-lasting and is known to be an affordable option.

Why You Want Flat Roofing in Toronto

There are a lot of reasons to love flat roofing. It provides ample interior (and exterior) design opportunities, while also just being an affordable and practical option. It won’t break your bank and gives your home a unique look that sets it apart from others.

If you are considering flat roofing in Toronto, these are the main benefits you’re going to want to be aware of before second-guessing yourself:

You Can Get Creative with Your Rooftop Space

When you have a flat roof, you can actually utilize it as a liveable space. That means creating a rooftop patio with seating or even using it as a place to garden and grow some natural goodies! The possibilities are endless. Having a flat roof provides endless opportunities; you can always hit up Pinterest for some creative ideas to help you make the most of your outdoor area. The ideal thing is to utilize the space in a way that makes you happiest! Nothing is keeping you from building a railing and creating a livable outdoor utopia.

 It Makes Interior Possibilities Endless

Flat roofing not only gives you the chance to get creative with your outdoor space, but it opens a world of opportunity for your indoor interior too! Since a flat roof helps you save interior space, you’ll have more room in your attic or top floor to maximize. Why make your finished basement into a man cave when you can finish your attic instead?


Flat roofing materials generally cost less than that of traditional sloped roofs. That being said, that’s not at the sacrifice of quality. Advanced technologies have helped our Toronto roofing company to identify flat roofing materials that are durable and long-lasting. Flat roofing is cost-effective because it ultimately requires fewer materials, is easy to maintain, lasts long, saves space and is easily customizable. It also boasts lower labour costs!

It’s Aesthetic

Let’s be honest here — flat roofs are really nice to look at. They are sleek, chic, and provide that modern aesthetic that many architects and homeowners are attracted to. They are unique and give your home that edge that many look for.

We Keep Water Flow in Mind

Despite these benefits, many are skeptical about flat roofing because it doesn’t drain like traditional sloped roofs. People fear pooling water, which is why we install flat roofs on a subtle gradient to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We also use strong, resistant materials to help roofs combat water damage.

When You Work with Professional Roofers

Interested in our flat roofing services? We strive to make our roofing processes as streamlined as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. After all, getting a new roof (or repairing your roof) can be as stressful as it is exciting, which is why we like to keep things straightforward.

When you are ready for your flat roof installation — or require repairs (we offer emergency services just an FYI) — you can either give us a call or submit an online form.

After we review your form, we will get back to you with an estimate. Plus, if you’re not ready for our services, we welcome you to use our form to ask any questions that you may want to have answered before making a decision.

After receiving our estimate, you may wonder why we are able to offer prices lower than other Toronto roofing companies. You can rest easy knowing that our price is not at the sacrifice of quality. As a family run business, it’s important for us to keep things simple and remove the middle man.

We deal directly with customers without any sales agent, which allows us to save on agent fees. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with suppliers, we receive good prices and are able to extend our savings to our customers.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Flat Roofing Services

Our customers and their comfort matter to us. We’re always happy to hear about their positive experiences with our Toronto roofing company.

The entire experience from quote to completion was professional, enjoyable, and exceeded our expectations. The installation crew was, timely, clean, and their experience was clearly exemplified in our newly installed roof. We also really appreciated the company’s commitment to quality work. They are as advertised, Professional Roofers. 10/10!

Lidia – Toronto, On

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Our family owned Toronto roofing company is committed to high-quality roofing and customer satisfaction. Our customer service has even earned us multiple HomeStars awards!

We are a proud member of the BBB Accredited Business association and are staffed with a team of licensed roofers who are proud to provide effective roofing solutions. With ample education and experience under our belts, there is no roofing problem we can’t solve.

Not only do we have the resources to deliver quality service, but we are also able to provide our roofing solutions in a time-effective and cost-effective manner — but not at the sacrifice of quality. At Professional Roofers, we use quality products not limited to BP, IKO and GAF.

We are confident in the quality of our services, and we want you to be too! To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a warranty for all of our services, from flat roof repair to flat roof installation.

We are committed to solving roof issues in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Aurora, Newmarket, Hamilton and other major parts of the GTA. If you require flat roofing services (or any of our other services), be sure to get in touch! There is no roofing problem too big or too small for us.