Pro Roofers Style Guide: Spotlight On Rosedale

As we progress deeper and deeper in the frigid Canadian winter, more and more snow piles up and we all do our best to keep our homes warm and cozy. Even though we have a tendency to stay inside our homes as much as possible in the winter months, on snowy days it is often tempting to brave the cold and take in the nice scenery. As some of the most sought after roofers in Toronto and the GTA, we've had the privilege of exploring most of the beautiful neighbourhoods in our fair city in depth and we have to say, the upscale area of Rosedale is certainly one of the most beautiful. In winter it takes on a fairy-tale like quality when the snow starts to fall. If you haven't had a chance to explore it, we highly recommend you check it out.

One thing you'll notice when you go on a stroll through Rosedale is that some of the huge mansions are very old, historical properties. Maintaining the shingled roofs on these houses is a huge undertaking, and since the roofs cover such a vast surface, it is often a very big job. Fortunately, here at Pro Roofers we're no strangers to large-scale re-shingling projects; when you need your shingles redone in the spring after a harsh winter, you should certainly contact us.     

To return to the beauty of Rosedale: most of the houses are ancient red brick structures with vines growing on them and turrets that make them seem like castles. On the other hand, there are a few properties where the residents have gone against the grain and completely rebuilt. While some of the newer houses conform to the Victorian/ Edwardian aesthetic of the area, some folks have built sleek modern houses with lots of flat lines, shiny glass facades and flat roofs with weatherproof membranes.

One wonders if, over time, all of the houses in Rosedale will be converted into residences in the modern style, but for now there are still many examples of grand, historical houses with shingled roofs. While the current, more modern houses in Rosedale do upset the overall aesthetic, we must admit that flat roofs appeal to us for so many reasons. Flat roofs allow for more space in your home, and since owning a mansion comes with the perk of having lots of space, you may be inclined to maximize those high, luxurious ceilings. Having lots of space over your head feels really good, though you may not think about it too often. Just imagine being in a museum or a cathedral with a high ceiling overhead – it's a nice feeling!

The other advantage of a flat roof is that the weatherproof membrane lasts longer than shingles and keeps the weather out very well. Furthermore, if you get into roll roofing (discussed in a previous post on the blog), then you will save money on energy bills and experienced a prolonged life in your roof.

Give us a call if you have a roofing emergency this winter and need immediate assistance. Come Spring we'll be happy to come patch up any damage the winter has inflicted as well. Stay warm and good luck!   

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