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Professional Roofers is an experienced Newmarket roofing company committed to providing long-lasting residential and commercial roofing solutions.

We specialize in roofing in Toronto and across the GTA and provide a full spectrum of services, including installation, repair, and maintenance. By working with the industry’s top suppliers for more than 20 years, we’re able to provide cost-effective services with a high level of quality and efficiency.

Our family-run business is committed to providing homeowners and companies with quality, accessible roofing services in Newmarket and the GTA. Your satisfaction and safety are always our number one priority. There is no problem too big or too small for our roofing contractors.

Residential & Commercial Newmarket Roofing Services

At Professional Roofers, we offer a broad spectrum of roofing services in Newmarket to suit the varying needs of our clients.

When it comes to repairing your roof, taking on a DIY repair may save you money upfront but will eventually cost more long-term and potentially cause more damage to your home or business.

Replacing or repairing your roof is a challenging process, and our roofers are up to the challenge. For over 20 years, we’ve helped customers across the GTA find the ideal roofing solution for their property, from eavestrough repair to shingle replacements and more.

When you work with our professional Newmarket roofing contractors, you can have peace of mind knowing that we have the experience and resources to ensure your roofing system is getting the right treatment.

We continue to build lasting relationships with our vendors and customers through transparent communication and quality craftsmanship and believe everyone deserves to feel safe and secure under their roof. Make Professional Roofers your number one choice for residential and commercial roofing services in Newmarket.

Shingle Roofing

The quality of the shingles on your roof can directly impact the safety of your home or business. At Professional Roofers, we specialize in shingle roofing services in Newmarket and deliver expert shingle repair and installation to ensure your roof can handle environmental impacts. We offer a wide selection of shingle types and materials, and our Newmarket roofing contractors will work with you to identify the shingles that best suit your needs and aesthetics.

Learn more about our shingle roofing services today.

Flat Roof Repair & Installation

Flat roofs have become a popular choice for both residential and commercial roofing systems. However, flat roofs require professional installation to ensure the structure can adequately protect the foundation of your home.

While sloped roofs are built on an incline, flat roofs offer a horizontal aesthetic with a subtle gradient to allow proper drainage and prevent water damage.

At Professional Roofers, we offer flat roofing services in Newmarket to ensure your flat roof is constructed correctly and provide effective flat roof repair if needed. Our flat roof repair and installation services combine quality with affordability for long-term solutions.

Learn more about our flat roofing services today.

Metal Roofing in Newmarket

Metal roofs offer homeowners a variety of unique benefits, including weather resistance, reduced maintenance, and environmental efficiency.

Professional Roofers provides metal roofing services in Newmarket using the finest materials and experienced contractors. We specialize in metal roof installation, repair, replacement and more.

Learn more about metal roofing in Newmarket today.

Eavestroughs & Downspouts

Eavestroughs and downspouts must work together to protect your home from excess moisture. If they’re impaired, your foundation could face significant water damage.

Roofing companies in Newmarket must have the experience and qualifications to help homeowners and businesses find the right solution to secure their eavestrough and downspout.

At Professional Roofers, we have the experience and resources to offer professional eavestrough and downspout services across the GTA. You can count on us to protect your roof’s structural integrity.

Read more about our eavestrough and downspout services.

Soffit & Fascia

Soffits allow continuous air to flow safely throughout your home, while fascias sit beneath your eavestrough to protect your roof’s substrate.

As a full-service Newmarket roofing company, we specialize in soffit and fascia repairs and installations to protect the structure of your roof.

Read more about our soffit and fascia services today.

Attic Ventilation Services

Attic ventilation is an important part of your home’s air quality as it helps regulate indoor temperatures. Our Newmarket roofing contractors provide quality ventilation services that can be customized to address your concerns.

Read about our certified attic ventilation services.

Skylight Repair & Installation

Skylights let more natural light into your home, which can help improve sleep, increase natural vitamin D, and lower your electrical costs.

Installing or repairing a skylight in your home or at your business requires Newmarket’s top roofing contractors.  You can count on us for effective and efficient skylight services. Our contractors are committed to providing the highest level of service to guarantee accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Learn about our skylight services.

Roof Repair Services

As your home ages, your roof can experience a range of issues brought upon by extreme weather, including poor ventilation, loose siding and more. This is why regular roof repair is essential.

We provide homeowners with the Newmarket roofing services they need to ensure their home is safe from external damage. Regardless of the size of your problem, our contractors are ready to help. You can count on our efficient and long-lasting roof repair solutions.

Learn about our Newmarket roof repair services.

Roofing Insulation

Roof Insulation

Proper insulation is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your residential or commercial roof. As one of the top roofing companies in Newmarket, we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to insulation. We work directly with our customers to find the insulation that best suits their home and their budget.

Read more about our professional insulation services.

Emergency Roof Repair in Newmarket

When unexpected damage occurs to your home, it is essential to enlist the help of a Newmarket roofing company that can provide an immediate solution.

Whether you’ve experienced severe weather damage, roof leaks, or faulty heating cables, Professional Roofers has the tools and resources you need to complete urgent repairs without sacrificing quality.

Learn about our emergency roof repair services in Newmarket today.

Your Solution to Roofing Problems in Newmarket

Newmarket’s popularity has grown significantly as homeowners are moving away from the busy streets of Downtown Toronto and towards affordable, spacious housing in the GTA. As the value of the city’s detached houses and townhomes continue to rise, roofing repair in Toronto is essential.

Finding reputable roofing companies in Newmarket can be challenging if you’re unsure what you’re looking for. Professional Roofers has been providing trusted roofing services in Newmarket for over 20 years. Our roofing reviews and testimonials are a testament to the quality of the services we offer throughout the GTA.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Professional Roofers did my eavestrough and roof. They arrived on time, clean after the work and the crew was very polite to us, by answering all our questions and helping with small little extras at no extra cost. Once the bill came there were no extra surprises. I strongly recommended!
– Namita, Newmarket
Done well, quickly, cleanly and to estimate. The crews were on time, efficient and polite.
– Frankunterlander, Newmarket
Andy and the team from did a very good job of replacing my old roof. They arrived on time, worked hard throughout the day and did an excellent job of responding to the questions or suggestions I had. Their attitude was positive throughout the project. After the work was done, they made sure that everything was cleaned up very well, they exceeded my expectations on this aspect. Fernando, the quality inspector, came twice during the project. He went up on the roof and gave me a full report of what was done, when the work would be completed and answered my questions confidently. I would definitely recommend to my friends.
– Bill, Newmarket

About Professional Roofers: Experienced Roofing Contractors in Newmarket

Professional Roofers is one of Newmarket’s leading roofing companies, specializing in residential and commercial repairs and installations.

Our family-run business provides quality services to customers across the GTA using the highest-grade materials and expert contractors.

If your home or business is in need of certified roof repairs or maintenance, leave us a message and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

To contact our Newmarket Roofing Experts call 416.604.9765


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