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Equipped with over 20 years of industry experience, Professional Roofers is proud to be one of the top roofing companies in Markham. Our family-owned business is dedicated to providing efficient and effective roofing solutions at competitive prices.

Our Markham roofing services combine quality craftsmanship with efficiency and customer service for a professional and positive experience. Our team of certified roofers in Toronto delivers trusted, long-lasting results to our customers across the GTA.

Whether extreme winds have damaged your roof, your insulation is outdated, or you need new shingles, our Markham roofing services are guaranteed to meet your style and safety standards.

Residential & Commercial Markham Roofing Services

When it comes to professional roofing companies in Markham, finding services you can trust can be challenging. Homeowners are looking for certified roofers in Markham that have the skills and experience to produce quality work.

When your roof is experiencing natural wear and tear or requires urgent repairs, our commercial roofing maintenance services are up to the challenge. As one of the leading roof companies in Markham, we’ve provided reliable roofing solutions to our customers at fair prices.

Professional Roofers is an experienced Markham roofing company specializing in quality roof repairs and installations. We offer a spectrum of residential and commercial roofing services across the GTA at competitive prices.

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Roof Insulation

Roofing Insulation

Quality roof insulation is used to maintain the heat in a roof’s system using various materials, from spray foam to rigid boards.

We offer professional Markham roofing insulation services for attics and roofs. Our specialists will help you identify the appropriate roofing insulation for your needs.

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Proper attic and roofing ventilation keeps your home’s temperature comfortable and prevents hot and cold spots, which can cause water to back up and freeze under your shingles.

We offer professional attic ventilation services designed to promote airflow and protect your home’s air quality.

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Attic Ventilation Services

Shingle Roofing

The quality of shingles on your roof significantly impacts your home’s longevity and structural integrity, and shingle installation is essential to your household’s safety.

Our team of Markham roofing contractors specializes in shingle installation and repair services. When you choose our shingle roofing services in Markham, you can have peace of mind knowing that we provide various styles and high-quality materials for you to choose from.

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Flat roofs are a popular stylistic choice for modern homeowners and commercial property owners. These roofs are built with a subtle gradient for adequate drainage and, when installed effectively, they combine functionality and style for a unique aesthetic.

Our flat roofing services in Markham are customizable to your specifications. Our contractors will ensure each step of the process is carried out with precision and efficiency. Whether you need new flat roof installation or Markham roof repairs for your old flat roof, we can help provide you with the flat roofing solution you are looking for.

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Flat Roof Repair & Installation

Metal Roofing in Markham

Metal roofs are ideal for homeowners looking for a durable and long-lasting roofing solution in Markham.

At Professional Roofers, we believe every home should be able to withstand Canada’s seasonal weather. That’s why we offer quality metal roofing in Markham and across the GTA.

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When water cannot drain away from your home, it can lead to significant water damage and fracture your home’s foundation. This is why effective eavestroughs and downspouts are essential.

As one of Markham’s top roofing companies, we provide expert eavestrough and downspout repair and replacement services guaranteed to protect your home.

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Eavestroughs & Downspouts

Soffit & Fascia

Soffits are finished surfaces below the rafters in your home, while fascias sit beneath the eavestrough and protect your roof’s substrate.

Investing in quality Markham roofing services is the first step to ensuring your home’s soffit and fascia can withstand extreme weather without compromising the integrity of your roof.

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We offer extensive Markham roof repairs to help homeowners find peace of mind in their homes. We offer roof repair to rectify weather damage, animal damage, and more.

Our customers trust Professional Roofers to maximize their home’s safety and functionality, and that starts with reliable roof repairs.

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Roof Repair Services

Skylight Repair & Installation

Skylights allow more natural light to enter a home or commercial property and can help create more streamlined ventilation throughout.

As part of our professional roofing services, we offer skylight installation and repairs in Markham to help brighten any space and lower your energy costs.

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When your roof springs a leak or you lose shingles in a windstorm, you need emergency roof repair services in Markham.

We know that roofing emergencies require quick action, which is why our Markham roofing contractors provide prompt and effective emergency roof repair services. No matter the problem, our team of certified contractors has the tools and experience to bring your roof back to its optimal condition.

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Emergency Roof Repair in Markham

Your Solution to Roofing Problems in Markham

Markham’s housing market has continued to thrive amidst a challenging economy as buyers look for affordable, spacious homes outside the city centre. With more working professionals and families planting roots in Markham, and a growing population of 353,000, the need for professional Markham roofing services is more important than ever.

Markham roofing services are essential to maintaining your home’s structural integrity, whether you’re facing animal damage or in need of attic insulation.

Our certified Markham roofing contractors will identify the cause of your damage and provide the appropriate roofing solution for your home. You can count on us to provide you with a durable, long-lasting roof that fits your home’s aesthetic and protects you and your family.

Professional Roofers is proud to be a family-run roofing company in Markham with customers across the GTA. We’re committed to providing reliable roofing solutions to our customers’ residential and commercial properties. With our expertise, your home will remain safe and secure for years to come.

What Our Customers Are Saying

At Professional Roofers, we pride ourselves on providing reliable Markham roofing services with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our glowing roofer reviews are a testament to our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer care.

Roofers, very efficient, quiet, they started and ended the day at the same pace it was unbelievable to see. All the roof work was done in one day, they left our property clean – free of nails and other materials.

Ian, Markham

This is a long overdue thanks for a great roof for a great price. We are selling our house and we have had many compliments on how well the roof was done. We were given a good deal for a better shingle and it looks great. Good job and I look forward to using their services again the next time we need a new roof. Thank you!

The Chans, HomeStars Reviewers

The best recommendation ever taken by us was Professional Roofers. Beginning to end it was a magnificent experience. Their courtesy, workmanship, friendliness, cleanliness & respect for us, the client, as well as our neighbour was awesome. Products, warranties & statistics from over 20 years of this family business speaks for itself. All are very much appreciated. Thank you.

Sandra, HomeStars Reviewer

I am extremely happy with my choice with Profession I used homestars to do the research, and I was very impressed. They aren’t the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but for what I paid, I got a VERY professional Crew who spent long hours working non-stop. No Cursing or swear words (I have young kids), Not a SINGLE nail found after they left (dog is happy), and they even replaced pigeon spikes and solar panel anchor points without asking (dad is happy). They were fantastic all around, and could not be happier. Took about a week to get the call regarding the warranty, but that’s to be expected for the busy season. Warranty coverage is also exceptional (parts, labour, disposal), all covered for specific terms depending on quality.

Dirk, HomeStars Reviewer

About Professional Roofers: Experienced Roofing Contractors in Markham

Professional Roofers is a Markham roofing company specializing in roof repairs, replacements, and roofing installations. As an experienced family-run business, we offer a wide range of Markham roofing services ranging from attic ventilation to shingle replacements, eavestrough repairs and more.

We’re committed to providing our clients in Toronto and Markham with roofing solutions they can count on at a price they can afford. We build authentic, lasting relationships with the industry’s leading suppliers to ensure we’re able to offer our customers premium Markham roofing services without sacrificing quality or cost.

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