Why Hiring a Professional Roofing Company is Always Recommended

Over the years, we’ve dealt with pretty much every roofing problem under the sun here at Professional Roofers, so almost nothing surprises us anymore. However, we understand that roofing isn’t everyone’s business and most homeowners are still unsure of their best course of action when it comes to a lot of seemingly small roofing issues.

Most people know to call a roofer for emergencies such as when a tree falls on their house, or there is a giant gaping hole in their ceiling. These problems are obviously out of their skillset and the typical homeowner would consider calling a professional roofing company in these scenarios a “no-brainer”. That being said, a family handyman might baulk at calling a professional roofer for something they consider to be a small issue: a few shingles that have become dislodged, a small leak, or perhaps a slightly deteriorated flashing. Instead of asking for a little professional advice before they attempt to resolve the problem, they pull full steam ahead and try to figure out and fix the problem themselves.

Oftentimes, homeowners who mean well or wish to save a few hundred dollars opt for the DIY route, despite their inexperience. They see a seemingly small problem and think, “I can fix that,no problem”, but in the course of the day or weeks it takes them to “fix” this problem, they inevitably end up doing more harm than good. A few hundred dollars worth of damage suddenly turns into thousands of dollars worth of damage down the line, or even (sometimes) tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

An example of a potential roofing problem that looks harmless but isn’t, is when a homeowner finds moss, lichen, algae or fungus growing on their roof. Some of these species will retain moisture on your roof, and depending on the roofing material your house is covered with, can prematurely degrade and reduce the lifespan of your roof. They don’t often look appealing to the homeowner, and some of them are also incredibly difficult to remove.

The average person’s first thought when they find these growths on their roof is to simply pressure wash these species off: DO NOT DO THIS. Pressure washing can prematurely degrade the surface of your roof, causing even more damage than what you are trying to avoid! Here at Professional Roofers, we are experienced and trained in the best ways to fight and prevent these growths on your roof in a way that will protect, not ruin, your investment.

Do not make this same mistake! Here at Professional Roofers, we offer you a FREE consultation and estimate on any damages or problems you may find with your roof: even if you just have questions, or you are unsure of whether work needs to be done at all. It is much better to be safe, call a professional roofing company in Toronto, and know that you are doing the right thing rather than take any unnecessary risks with one of the most important features of your roof.

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