Get Your Roof Ready for Summer

With spring finally here, many homeowners are putting together their checklists for routine maintenance that needs to be done before summer arrives. For most, “inspect the roof” will be close to the top.

Not only are roofs essential to the overall safety and integrity of your home, they often bear the brunt of weather damage caused by winter storms. If you want to make sure your roof is watertight and ready for summer, here are three tips for roof repairs and maintenance every Toronto homeowner can benefit from.


1. Hire a Contractor for All Repairs

There are plenty of tasks around the house that homeowners to handle themselves. But when it comes to something as complex and essential as your roof, it is always best to hire a Toronto roof replacement contractor who understands how to make sure that every feature in your roof system has been installed correctly.

This is just as true for smaller kinds of roofing damage that require repairs to soffits and fascia, flashing, and broken shingles, as it is for major overhauls. Roof repairs that are carried out incorrectly can easily lead to dangerous leaks that won’t be noticed until they’ve done a great deal of damage, so don’t take chances this spring: when it comes to repairing your damaged roof always make sure you are working with a professional roofing company.


2. Make Sure to Hire a Contractor with Experience Working on Your Kind of Roof

As a major urban centre that includes homes built in a wide variety of architectural styles, Toronto boasts a lot of different types of roof. Depending on what neighbourhood you are in, your house may have a complicated mix of pitched, turret, and flat roofing, a cedar shake roof, or a more conventional ranch design.

Whatever the case may be, you need to make sure that the Toronto roofing company you hire for a consultation or repairs has experience working on your style of roof.

For example, if you have a flat roof, it is essential that you hire a Toronto flat roofing contractor that understands the difference between metal, modified bitumen, and PVC roofs — not to mention those made using EPDM, SPF, or TPO.

Flat roofs have unique benefits, but they also have unique vulnerabilities, and making sure that the contractor you hire knows what kind of damage to look for and understands how to fix it is important. For this reason, you should make sure that the Toronto roofing company you hire has documented experience working with your style of roof.


3. Book a Consultation Early

Many roofing companies offer all-year service, but it’s no secret that roof replacement and repair is faster, safer, and easier under warm, dry conditions. Nobody wants to risk opening up their roof during the cold, icy, damp winter months unless it is absolutely necessary, which is why most Toronto roofing work is done in the summer.

If you’ve been considering repairs to your roof, or think it might be time to replace your roof entirely, now that spring is here it’s the perfect time to get in touch with a Toronto roofing contractor like Professional Roofers.

Once summer hits, most Toronto homeowners are going to have the same idea, and getting a consultation early increases the likelihood that you’ll be able to get the work done in a timely fashion. It also means you’ll be able to get your major renovations out of the way in time to really enjoy your new roof while the weather is nice.

No matter whether you live in a West End bay-and-gable or a suburban ranch-style house, spring is a great time to make sure it’s in good condition. With summer coming, you’ll want to make sure that your house will stay dry in even the fiercest downpour, and booking a consultation in May or June is the best way to guarantee that everything is as it should be.

And if your roof does need work, booking in spring will also ensure that you can get the work done before the summer rush. And no matter what type of roof you have, Professional Roofers Toronto can offer solutions that will help your roof keep the rain out for many years to come.

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