Four Fundamental Roofing Tips

Here at Pro Roofers, we understand that there is often an impulse to sort out your own roofing issues if it seems like a minor problem. Over time, you develop a certain intelligence that helps you understand when you can manage a problem yourself, and when it's time to call in the pros. In either case, thinking critically and applying intelligence and common sense to a problem can save you a lot of hassle, get the problem fixed and even save you from injuring yourself. Without further ado, here are four fundamental tips that everyone could benefit from:

  1. Take your cues from mother nature — If you're experiencing a minor leak during a storm, there may be an impulse to get out the ladder and go fix it immediately. This is not a good idea. Maneuvering safely on a roof even in the best of conditions can be difficult, if you add a slippery roof to the equation and possibly even gusty winds, you're needlessly putting yourself in danger. This is especially dangerous if it's winter and there's ice involved. Wait until the storm has died down and the roof is dry to take action – in the meantime, a trusty bucket will suffice.
  2. Prevent dry rot — If you ever see an unsightly, sagging roof, there is a pretty good chance that it's been caused by dry rot due to a lack of ventilation. When the plywood rots like this, the sagging puts a strain on the shingles, causing them to bend and crack. Once the integrity of the shingles is shot, you will be dealing with wet leaks on top of the dry rot. By installing ridge vents and vapour barriers, you can avoid this issue. If you need your roof repaired in Toronto because the dry rot has run rampant throughout your roof like a disease, call in the experts and we'll get you fixed up promptly.  
  3. Check your flashing, boots and valleys — If your roof has been properly installed, there should be rubber boots and metal flashing protecting areas that are vulnerable to leaking such as chimneys, roof valleys (where two sections of the roof meet on an angle) and skylights. Since nothing's ever perfect, there's a chance that some of these precautionary materials will malfunction at some point. Sometimes the culprit the very thing that is meant to be protecting your roof, so keep this in mind when performing your inspection.
  4. Water and ice shield installation — This tip is especially relevant to our Canadian readers, which is only appropriate since we are a roofing company in Toronto. Especially if you own a flat roof, which can be vulnerable to water buildup, it is important to make sure that the drip edge is sufficiently covered by the waterproof membranes. The membranes should facilitate a smooth stream off of the roof to avoid liquid from wicking up underneath and creating problems. Having been around the block in the field of flat roof repair services and installation, we've seen a shocking number of exposed drip edges that have been subjected to this type of damage.

With today's rampant DIY culture, there are lots more tips you can find browsing around the Internet and watching YouTube videos. We'll be back next month with another batch of tips; in the meantime, don't be a stranger. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your roof, give us a call!   

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