1. Drain and Gutter Cleaning

It’s shaping up to be another hot, rainy summer in Toronto, and that means that your gutters are going to be more important than ever if you want to keep all that water from endangering your house’s foundation. This means that getting your gutters and downspouts cleaned out is going to be essential summer maintenance.

This is especially important for homes with flat roofs. Toronto has lots of beautiful shade-giving trees, but as flat roof Toronto homeowners know, this also means fallen leaves and debris can quickly clog flat roof drains, which causes water to pool and sit on your roof for days or even weeks following heavy rain. In addition to providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes, standing water can cause a range of problems to the roof itself and to the entire house structure.

If there are punctures or tears in the roofing membrane, even small ones, the water will work its way inside the roof, compromising your roof deck and potentially causing damage to insulation, wiring, and drywall.

To avoid this, you should regularly check your flat roof following a rainstorm, and get in touch with residential flat roofing experts if you notice standing water that isn’t draining away quickly. You may need to have the drain cleaned or even snaked if debris has built up inside the pipes.

2. Repairing Storm Damage

Most Torontonians love the fact that they live next to one of Canada’s most beautiful lakes. But the downside of this is that sudden summer storms can quickly blow up and dump huge amounts of rainwater within a matter of minutes.

Experienced Toronto roofers know that these violent weather events can cause significant damage even to houses with new roofs. It is important to be prepared for the possibility that you might need to get roof repair services in Toronto following a big storm, no matter how recently you had your roof done.

In particular, you should be on the lookout for:

  • Shingles that have been torn off
  • Loose shingles
  • Fallen tree branches/other debris




3. Check Your Attic Ventilation

Summer is also a great time to check your attic ventilation. Ventilation is something that often gets talked about in conjunction with winter ice damming. While it’s true that having a well-ventilated attic is critical to keeping your roof in good shape throughout the winter, a poorly ventilated attic can do even more insidious damage to a roof in summer.

Toronto summers are famously humid, and this one seems no different. And this means that a lot of hot, wet air is gathering under your roof. If it has nowhere to go, and no fresh air blows it out, then your rafters, roof deck, and insulation are in danger of moisture damage. In time, it can even lead to rot.

Fortunately, there are a variety of easy-to-install ventilation options available, from ridge venting to box vents to gable vents. If you want to know whether you have an insulation problem, or want advice on how to fix it, get in touch with Professional Roofers in Toronto.

Toronto homeowners have always taken advantage of the good summer weather to take care of repairs around the house and grounds, but the roof is often overlooked. As you work through your summer maintenance checklist, make sure to include a roof inspection — or get in touch with Professional Roofers, roofing experts Toronto has relied on for years.