Toronto Roofing Problem # 3 – Sun Damage

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this summer has been hot, hot, hot! The summer sun and heat have been out with a vengeance this year and your skin isn’t the only thing you need to worry about those harmful UV rays affecting. Many objects can degrade and break down from the sun and heat, your roof included!

With summer winding down, we at Professional Roofers in Toronto wanted to inform homeowners of the effect the sun has on their roofs – so that you can be better prepared to combat this slow, silent killer. With our help, hopefully you’ll be able to spot the signs of sun damage and know when it is time to repair or renovate your roof – before it is too late!

In Ontario, asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing tiles around – unfortunately, they are also the most affected by the sun’s rays. There are five main ways that the sun can harm your roof: decaying, warping/curling, cracking, fading, and the separation of flashing. We’re going to go into a little bit more detail about what each of these terms mean for you and your roof.


Older shingles that have already become a little weathered over time will start to show signs of decay from the sun’s harsh rays and the heat of summer. These shingles will look deformed or rotted, not the strong, defined shape that you are used to. If you notice you have decaying shingles, you should get them replaced as soon as possible as they are no longer capable of protecting your home effectively.


If the colour of your roof begins to fade, this is not an immediate threat to your roof, but it is an indication of UV damage from the sun. Fading can also be a signal that your shingles are now brittle, and easy to damage. If you have a steep, pitched roof, you may want to consider replacing your roof or having spot repairs done. With a flat roof, you can have a rubberized roof coating applied to help.


The heat of the sun will often cause shingles to curl or bend upwards. This is generally one of the first indications of sun damage you will see. Once your shingles begin to warp, other roofing problems will follow.


After your shingles begin to warp or curl, they also become much more susceptible to cracking; however, curling isn’t the only cause of their cracks. The intense heat of the sun will cause shingles (typically already damaged or older shingles) to expand, and then in our cool Ontario nights, those same shingles will contract. This expansion and contraction can stress the roof tile to the point where it breaks or cracks.

Separation From Flashing

The same expansion and contraction that can cause cracks in your shingles can also cause your roof to become warped. When your roof is warped, shingles no longer have that perfect straight edge they once adhered to and can pull away from the metal flashing around your gutters or chimney. If your shingles aren’t sitting correctly on your roof, then they aren’t working correctly either and this can lead to significant water damage to your home.

If you notice any of these tell tale signs of sun damage, give us a call at Professional Roofers, and we’ll come inspect the damage, tell you what (if anything) needs to be done, and give you a quote for free! What have you got to lose?

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