Commercial Skylight Services in the GTA

A skylight is a fixed window that is installed on a commercial roof to help let in natural light and improve ventilation. That said, your skylight must be professionally installed for safety and efficiency.

Professional Roofers in Toronto installs and repairs commercial skylights with the slope, size, and location of your property in mind.

We offer professional commercial skylight installation services across the GTA to provide your space with daylighting and ventilation to protect the integrity of your products, equipment and more.

Professional Commercial Skylight Installation

A poorly installed skylight can result in insufficient ventilation and improper placement — both of which end up being costly due to energy bills and repairs.

When you hire Professional Roofers, we make sure your commercial skylight is properly secured and located upon installation. We take the unique needs of your commercial space into consideration to ensure that your skylight complies with all codes and functions to its full potential.

Elevate Your Business With a Commercial Skylight

Elevate your business with a professionally installed commercial skylight. The system can make a world of difference for your business’s aesthetics, productivity, expenses and more.

  • Natural Light

Industrial spaces don’t need to be dark and gloomy. Commercial skylights let in natural light that enhances working conditions and exterior aesthetics. The fact of the matter is that natural light is associated with various physical and mental health benefits.

  • Improved Productivity

According to PRNewswire, a new study has found that those working in a daylit environment have 84% less eye strain, headaches and blurred vision. All of these factors play a significant role in workplace productivity.

  • Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Due to the fact that skylights keep out heat and let in the fresh air, they utilize a lot less energy. Instead of using air conditioners and heating systems to control the temperature of a large commercial space, skylights help to balance the temperature by facilitating airflow. This requires far less energy, making the system both energy-efficient and cost-effective at the same time.

  • Ventilation

Many skylights open, which helps to improve the overall ventilation of your commercial space. The reality is that ventilation plays a major role in your space’s indoor air quality, and maintaining the integrity of your building’s structure.

Ventilation through skylights will also help to protect your business’s assets from the impact of humidity, moisture, etc.

  • Protects Equipment & Products

A poorly ventilated commercial space can lock in moisture and, by extension, compromise the integrity of equipment and production. A moist or damp atmosphere can ruin products and also impact the functions of machinery.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Professional Roofers did a great job, arrived on time, cleaned up the work area, used top products, delivered exactly as per estimate — anybody looking for a highly satisfying roofing company should definitely contact Professional Roofers.”

Bandofkatz from Toronto 

“Roofers, very efficient, quiet, they started and ended the day at the same pace it was unbelievable to see. All the roof work was done in one day, they left our property clean – free of nails and other materials.”

Ian from Markham 

Professional Roofing Contractors in the GTA

Professional Roofers is a family-owned roofing company in the GTA that is committed to providing effective commercial roofing solutions.

We work with customer satisfaction in mind, which is why we offer affordable, quality services. Our twenty years in the business have allowed us to create long-lasting relationships with suppliers who provide us with high-quality materials at a fair cost.

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