Metal roofing is one of the most popular (and oldest) types of roofing used for commercial buildings. It’s chosen time and time again by property owners looking to keep their units sleek and protected.

The roofing solution is ideal for businesses, for the reason that it’s a lightweight system that can be easily applied right on top of any existing roof.

Professional Roofers roofing contractors in Toronto offer metal roofing repair and installation for commercial properties in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Consider how professional commercial metal roofing can enhance your property.

Metal Roof Installation for Commercial Properties

A professionally installed metal roof will be resistant to mould, rusting, infestation, burn and more. Consider the many benefits of installing a metal roofing system for your business’s property.


Metal roofing is one of the most durable roofing systems available for commercial buildings. In fact, a typical metal roofing system will last up to 50 years. It is made up of corrugated metal sheets that are resistant to weather conditions like heavy snowfall.


Metal roofs making for well-insulated commercial roofing systems because they reflect the sun. This prevents them from overheating and locking in moisture, which by extension helps to maintain effective ventilation for healthy working conditions and fully functioning equipment.

Fire Safe

Metal roofing is fire resistant, which means it won’t ignite or spread a fire. Since heavy machinery is often used in industrial properties, it’s beneficial to have this peace of mind when operating a business.

That said, this roofing solution is not only safe for your property; it’s safe for the environment too! It produces minimal waste and is made up of 30-60% of recycled materials.


Metal roofs are easy to clean and don’t require frequent maintenance. Equipped with this type of commercial roofing system, you can spend your time running your business instead of worrying about your roof.


Metal roofing provides a sleek, aesthetic look to a commercial property. This roofing is available in various colours and styles, making it ideal for any retail properties looking to achieve a unique exterior.

Commercial Metal Roof Repairs

Our experienced roofing contractors both install and repair commercial metal roofs across the GTA. Metal roofs are incredibly durable but pose some risks when not installed by a professional roofing company:

Poorly Installed

Metal roofs can be improperly installed due to overdriven or under driven screws, or screws driven at the wrong angle. This can compromise the structure of your roof and cause leaks.

Improperly sealed

All roofs need to be properly installed and sealed to make sure no water or other materials can seep through the roof into your home.

Panel Damage

Metal roofs can be sealed and treated to avoid panel damage. If not installed by a professional, however, your panels may be left susceptible to damage like rust, cracks and scratches.

Our Metal Shingles

WestMan Steel: Westman Steel has been in the metal roofing business for over 35 years. With 67 distribution, manufacturing and sales centers across North America, they are one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of steel products. Their metal roofing products include steel shingles that are available in a wide variety of colours. These products are commonly used for agricultural, commercial and residential spaces.

DECRA: DECRA® Roofing Systems produces strong and durable metal roofing materials, including tiles, shingles and shakes. They offer products in various styles that are durable and resistant to environmental factors and heavy weight.

Our Basic Metal Roof: Our basic metal roofing material may not be a brand name, but it’s just as durable. It is an aesthetic, cost-effective solution that can last a lifetime.

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