Professional Commercial Roofing Insulation in the GTA

When a business doesn’t have an insulated roof, it risks poor ventilation, impaired equipment, and less than desirable working conditions. That said, a well-insulated roof is essential for maintaining the integrity of your business.

At Professional Roofers, we pride ourselves in using quality insulation materials that are durable and stand the test of time. Throughout our 20 years in the business, we’ve fostered long-lasting relationships with suppliers who provide us with quality materials at a fair price.

It is because of these relationships that we are able to provide affordable and effective commercial roofing insulation solutions. That said, we primarily use two types of insulation:

  1. Blow In Insulation

What is Blow In Insulation

Blow in insulation is a combination of loose material that boasts a high R-value. R-value is a measurement that refers to a material’s ability to resist heat flow.

Also known as loose-fill insulation, this type of insulation is commonly composed of cellulose material. It is applied with a blower that sprays the material across a designated surface.

What is blow in insulation made of?

Blow in insulation made of cellulose material is comprised of 80% recycled paper fibre, and roughly 20% of fire retardant (either ammonium sulphate or boric acid). More often than not, this recycled paper fibre is comprised of newsprint waste. Before application, the insulation undergoes chemical treatment to make it resistant to fire and heat.

  1. Ridge Board Insulation

What is rigid foam insulation?

Rigid foam insulation (also known as rigid board insulation) are rigid panels of insulation as the name indicates. They are durable and add structural strength to your commercial property. We use rigid foam boards for commercial roofing insulation because it has a high R-value and effectively insulates large surfaces.

What is rigid foam insulation made of?

Rigid board insulation is typically made of one of these three types of foam:

  1. Expanded polystyrene: The cheapest foam ( R-value of 4)
  2. Extruded polystyrene: Rigid pink or blue panels, available in straight and round edges  (R-value of 5)
  3. Polyisocyanurate: Foiled face, denser, more expensive foam, R-value of 6

Professionally Insulate Your Commercial Roof

Consider the many benefits of getting your commercial roof professionally insulated:
Energy Efficiency: Insulating your commercial roof improves its ability to resist heat. When your roof can withstand heat and keep the cold air in, you won’t have to overwork your commercial air conditioning system to cool the area and drain a lot of energy in the process.

Working Conditions: Insulation helps to maintain the integrity of your facility’s air quality, as it’s ventilation capabilities helps to limit air pollution and humidity. This results in healthy working conditions for employees.

Temperature Control: Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, both make for uncomfortable working conditions and can take a toll on heavy machinery and other equipment needed for daily operations. With professional roofing insulation, you can better balance the temperature of your commercial space.

Noise Reduction: Commercial roofing insulation can have a great impact on the acoustics of your space, as insulation tends to absorb sound and prevent it from travelling. This is especially useful in commercial areas where heavy machinery is loud and consistently operating, or even in commercial buildings where offices require quiet and privacy.

Building Code: Most commercial spaces, buildings especially, have codes that need to be complied with based on thermal resistance (r-value). This is largely due to the role that insulation plays in indoor air quality, and resistance to elements like fire and moisture. We use quality insulation materials to ensure the system complies with any relevant codes or regulations.

Longer Lasting Roofing System: Professional insulation protects your roofing system from being compromised due to moisture or other external factors. It improves ventilation which, by extension, helps to maintain the integrity of the system.

Customer Testimonials for Professional Roofers

“I highly recommend Professional to anyone for roof work. Patrick, their salesperson, met with us and reviewed the potential job in detail with us, including all of the options we had. He was very professional and knows his stuff. The actual work crew was very professional also. They were efficient, clean and very polite. Our roof looks amazing and I know that it was completed properly. We had shopped around for months for a roofing company (with very little luck) and I am so happy that we went with Professional Thank you!”

Kallan from Toronto

“Had roof replaced and insulation. Work was done fast and professional.price very reasonable, I will highly recommend to friends and family. Had roof replaced and insulation. Work was done fast and professional.price very reasonable, I will highly recommend to friends and family.”

Ninella from Richmond Hill

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