Emergency Commercial Roof Repair in the GTA

When you are faced with a roofing emergency like roof penetration or a leaky roof, it’s important to have professionals on hand that you can trust to solve the problem promptly and efficiently.

Professional Roofers is a Toronto roofing company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our experienced contractors have seen it all and are ready to provide you with an efficient and effective roofing solution when you need it most.

Waiting too long to solve a roofing problem can compromise the integrity and condition of your business facility. Before the problem gets more severe (and more costly), be sure to get in touch right away.

We know that roofing emergencies are never convenient, which is why we offer emergency services across the GTA to ensure that business owners get the solution they need when they need it. Learn about our emergency commercial roof repair services today.

Commercial Roof Emergencies

If faced with any of these roof emergencies, be sure to obtain professional help as soon as possible. You can count on us to provide efficient and effective emergency roofing solutions:

Roof Leaks

When your commercial roof is faced with a leak, it’s essential to act fast. A leaky roof can lead to flooding and water damage, which can have costly and long term effects for a business.

The reality is that most commercial properties have a flat roof, and when a flat roof has a leak, it can be tricky to identify the source. This is why it’s important to enlist the help of our professional flat roof repair services so that we can locate and repair the leak before conditions worsen.

Damage From Extreme Weather Conditions

Environmental factors are hard to predict or control. Sometimes heavy wind or rainfall can wreak havoc on commercial roofs. We install roofs that are resistant to these factors, but also offer repair services to fix any damage caused by extreme weather conditions.

Extreme winds, for example, can cause trees or their limbs to fall and damage a roof, compromising its structural integrity. If any of these types of conditions have damaged your roof, you can enlist our professional help, and we will rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Roof Penetrations

Sometimes extreme weather conditions can cause external factors like trees or other materials to penetrate your roof and cause large scale damage. Additionally, animals can make their homes on roofs and penetrate the structure. We repair roof penetrations to protect your commercial space from further damage.

Fire & Other Disasters

Fire rises and can severely damage a roof. The good news, however, is that our roofing contractors can come in and repair or replace any roof damaged by fire. When we install your roof, we utilize materials and roofing insulation that are resistant to this type of damage.

Roof Replacement

Sometimes emergencies render a roof beyond repair. In these cases, we will provide emergency roof replacement services to provide you with a structurally sound roof.

Emergency Commercial Roof Repair Services

We offer various types of emergency roof repair services across the GTA to ensure we can provide solutions for all types of roofs and roofing situations:

Testimonials from our Customers

“Happy with their service; was looking for a roof replacement and they were the only ones that took the time to come in person and discuss the possibilities. The day of the job; they were here on time. They completed everything on time; they did a really good cleaning after the job was completed. Everything looks good in the roof and hope will last a lot of years.”

Luis from Mississauaga 

“Prompt, honest, professional, friendly service from start to finish, highly recommend this company. They will not disappoint!”

Mena from Toronto 

Our Experienced Commercial Roofing Company in the GTA

Professional Roofers is a family-owned, BBB accredited commercial roofing company in the GTA. We boast over 20 years of experience in the business and are staffed with skilled roofing contractors who are prepared to take on any roofing emergency.

Our many years of experience in the industry has allowed us to create long-lasting relationships with suppliers, who provide us with quality materials at a fair cost. Due to this, we are able to offer affordable prices for our services without sacrificing our quality of work.

If you find yourself in a commercial roofing emergency or provide any commercial roofing solution at all, be sure to either give us a call or fill out our form online with your questions and requests. We’ll get back to you promptly to ensure you get the help you need.