Eavestroughs and downspouts work together to divert water from the roof of a property to ground level. This flow of water helps to protect the integrity of a structure.

Professional Roofers will install and repair eavestroughs and downspouts for your commercial property to protect your business and the daily operations it facilitates.

The reality is that even the most minimal water damage can result in long-term, costly problems for your business, whether the water comes in contact with heavy equipment, product production, or your product itself. Consider how your business can benefit from maintaining functioning eavestroughs and downspouts.

Eavestrough & Downspout Services

Eavestroughs act similarly to gutters as they collect water and debris from the roof of a property.  A commercial building requires a system that can support the size and needs of its roof and keep the area dry.

A poorly functioning eavestrough can result in ice dams, foundation problems, leaks, basement flooding, rot and more. Our roofing company in Toronto offers professional maintenance, repair and installation services for commercial eavestroughs throughout the GTA.


Commercial eavestrough and downspout maintenance are essential to ensure that either system isn’t clogged, cracked or compromised in any way. If your eavestrough is full of material, it will not be able to divert water down a downspout. If your downspout is not working, on the other hand, this water will have nowhere to go.

We understand that maintenance can be a nuisance for business owners, especially given the size of commercial eavestroughs. That said, a clogged eavestrough or downspout can lead to long term, costly problems for business owners.

When you hire Professional Roofers, you eliminate the need to take time out of your schedule to clean this system. We offer professional maintenance services to ensure that your system is clean and functioning.


We professionally install commercial eavestroughs and downspouts to ensure your business is adequately protected.

Buildings typically have specific codes for gutter systems based on size and proximity to other properties. Our roofing contractors install commercial eavestroughs and downspouts in accordance with building codes.


When your eavestrough is compromised due to a leak, crack,  improper installation or becoming detached, it can put your commercial property at risk. Alternatively, a compromised downspout means that your eavestrough will have nowhere to divert water from your roof.

We offer repair services to ensure that your entire gutter system is working properly. If you notice your eavestrough or downspout is damaged in any way, take action right away to prevent water pooling, build up and more.

Eavestrough and downspout systems work together to protect your commercial property from damage brought on by environmental factors. That said, they can only do this is if they are operating to their full abilities.

If faced with an emergency, enlist the help of our professional services asap. We provide emergency services to ensure your repairs are done quickly and efficiently before matters get worse.

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Done well, quickly, cleanly and to estimate. The crews were on time, efficient and polite.

Frank in Newmarket

The work has been quick and on time. The estimator was really nice and took time explaining and answering my questions.

Victoria in Markham 

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