As we’ve discussed extensively here on the blog before, Canada’s climate presents property owners with a unique set of challenges. As any roofing company in Toronto knows, our long cold winters are punctuated by hot, wet summers and mild, moldy fall months. The summer months are upon us at the moment and the city is heating up – today as I write this the temperature has climbed above thirty degrees and the air is extremely muggy!

Being the roof repair experts that we are, this is the time of year that we start thinking about a roof’s defenses against water. If moisture sneaks into your roof during the summer, the fall will almost certainly bring mold, possible deterioration to the integrity of the structure and a whole lot of misery in general.

At Pro Roofers, we’ve discovered that by installing a device called a 4 Seasons attic vent (by the company Canada Go Green), you can get rid of a lot of the moisture associated with rot and mold. The 4 Seasons attic vent is a solar powered device that sits on your roof and keeps the attic cool and dry in the summer. It’s built specifically for Canadian weather and can stand up to high temperatures, freezing, hail, wildlife, you name it. It’s durable and light and requires virtually no maintenance. It’s a great product that can help you save money.

While the fancy gadget listed above is pretty neat, here’s a list of more traditional ventilation tools for purists and sentimentalists:

Turbines: Turbines are great at moving air when there’s a lot of wind passing through. Do we get a lot of wind in Toronto? You bet we do. Turbines look cool and are extremely functional. They are also reasonably inexpensive to install!

Square Top Roof Vents: Square top roof vents are a basic valve for releasing air from your attic and ensuring it does not become overly moist. Certain practical matters need to be taken into account: the screen must be placed at such an angle that birds cannot nest on the vent and block the air flow. Also, it needs to be made from malleable metal that will not crack when it expands and contracts with the changing weather.

Ridge Vents: Ridge vents run along the apex of the roof, allowing air to escape freely all through the spine of the house. Installing these vents often requires the removal of a large portion of the roof and can be costly if the roof wasn’t originally designed with ridge vents. Ridge vents are typically capped over with shingles for cosmetic/ aesthetic purposes.

Bathroom Exhaust Vent: If you have a large family, with everyone taking showers in the morning, you can probably imagine how much moisture gets trapped in the house if this room is not properly ventilated. Opening a window will not suffice, exhaust vents in bathrooms are absolutely crucial.

We’re not trying to be alarmist, it’s just that we hate to see our clients suffer. When you go to all the trouble of installing a new roof or undergoing extensive repairs on your current roof, you hope that the money you spend will go a long way. Because of the unique climate of Canada, you need to be sure that whoever works on your roof is extremely vigilant. We live in a country where the climate can be aggressive, that means you need to be aggressive about ensuring that your roof is protected. Contact Professional Roofers today and ensure that your roof is not at risk.