a hammer on a roof with loose nails

Choose The Right Roofing Contractor #1 – Hire a Professional

We are proud of the quality of materials and service that we provide here at Professional Roofers, and we are willing to stand by our product to ensure it is exactly what our clients need, […]
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a heap of dried leaves

Toronto Roofing Problem # 9 - Debris

As Canadians, there is one thing that the fall season can always guarantee – the falling of leaves. No matter where you live in our great country, the leaves will fall. If you happen to […]
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Toronto Roofing Problem # 8 – Wind Damage

Toronto Roofing Problem # 8 – Wind Damage

The fall season in Canada can mean a lot of things to a lot of people: warm colourful hues on trees, family thanksgiving celebrations, Halloween costumes, and delicious pumpkin flavoured goods are just a few […]
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a terracotta roof

Toronto Roofing Problem # 7 - Flashing Problems

Many homeowners are unaware of the potential problems that can arise with the flashing on their homes – in fact; it’s not uncommon for a client to not know what flashing is at all, or […]
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a wet and sassy raccoon

Toronto Roofing Problem # 6 - Wildlife Woes

With the cooler months approaching, we tend to spend more time indoors safely tucked in our heated homes, away from the elements and cool fall winds. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones looking for […]
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a row of apartments with flat roofs

Toronto Roofing Problem # 5 – All About Flat Roofs

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that flat roofs and pitched roofs are different, and because of this difference, they each tend to have their own unique set of ailments that crop […]
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