The Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat Roofs

Here at Professional Roofers, we understand that for most homeowners, their home is the most precious possession they own. It takes years of hard work and savings to be able to build or buy your own house, which is why it is important not to take any detail of your home’s structural integrity for granted. Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home and therefore it deserves to be created right.

If you’ve opted to build your own house, at some point you will likely have design your roof. At this point, you will need to choose whether you would prefer a pitched roof (a roof with at least two slopes that rise at an angle greater than 10 degrees each to make a peak) or a flat roof (a roof with an angle of less than 10 degrees). Both roofing styles have their own pros and cons, but today we are going to discuss our specialty: flat roofs.



  • The most obvious advantage for flat roofs is the cost: the materials are cheaper, as they don’t need to have as much “curb appeal”; the labour is cheaper because there is less risk in installing them; and these roofs are easier and quicker to install so there is less labour overall. They also have fewer complications in repair or damages, which makes for a lower cost over the roof’s lifespan.
  • The next fantastic advantage to choosing a flat roof is that because they are quicker to install, you don’t have to wait as long to move in! Additionally, if there are ever any roof repairs down the line or when you inevitably need to replace your roof, the re-roofing process is relatively quick and painless. No need to clear a huge chunk of your schedule to deal with roofers – some jobs can be done in under a day!
  • One of the most popular advantages to flat roofs is the increase in outdoor useable space. If your property is on a narrow lot without much of a yard, your roof can become an incredible outdoor lounge space to barbecue or simply relax. It is also the ideal location to set up a garden, solar panels to save money on electricity, or whatever else your heart might desire!
  • These roofs are fantastic for maintenance as they’re much safer and easier to inspect on a regular basis. Cleaning gutters, checking sidings, or simply patching a hole becomes effortless when you don’t have to worry about falling every two seconds.


  • Flat roofs are not considered as stylish, and they likely won’t blend as easily into a neighbourhood as their pitched counterparts. Additionally, while they do have more outdoor living space, they have potentially less indoor living space, as there is no loft or attic in the house.
  • Buildings with these roofs have less space for insulation and therefore can be more affected by extreme temperature changes.
  • Buildings with flat roofs have less stability and the ability to withstand weight naturally, so your builders will need to compensate elsewhere in the construction to strengthen the building.
  • Flat roofs do not drain as easily as pitched roofs, so your roofer will likely install additional mechanisms to ensure proper drainage. Now that you know the potential advantages and disadvantages to owning a flat roofed building, you should be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not you think they’re for you. Either way, give our roofing company in Toronto a call and we will work with you to design your dream roof!

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