5 Signs That Home is poorly Insulated and/or Vented

If your attic is poorly insulated, there are a lot of problems that can arise – expensive ones too. This article is to help homeowners become more aware of the insulation in their homes. Is it doing the job it should be? Let’s find out.

Here are some things to look out for:

  1. Hot & Cold Rooms

If your home is suffering from hot and cold rooms, it may due to a poorly insulated attic.  Even the most efficient heating systems will struggle to function properly if your home doesn’t have enough insulation. Your home should be insulated from the top to bottom, from roof to foundation.

In order to determine if your roof insulation is the cause, have a professional Toronto roofer visit and measure the thickness of your insulation. It is always possible for them to add more, or less depending on the issue at hand.


  1. Mold & Moisture

If there are any signs of mold or moisture in your attic, it should be addressed by a professional company immediately. Not only could there be a hole in the roof, but condensation could be present as well. Condensation rises into your attic, making things damp and eventually wet. This water can then travel across your ceiling and/or down the walls, causing interior damage to your home.

Condensation is usually caused by improper ventilation throughout the structure. We often find that this is common in bathrooms where hot showers can cause a lot of steam. Without the right amount of ventilation, the steam will rise into the ceiling and attic, and mold will inevitably begin to grow.

Firstly, have your roof checked for any holes or entry points. Once confident that the roof is still in good condition, have a reliable roofer assess the ventilation in your home. More vents can always be added to increase airflow, and damaged ones can always be replaced. Most roofing company will offer you a free quote, so no harm done.


  1. The Critters Have Arrived

Poor insulation can lead to damaged plywood and shingles, leaving the exterior susceptible to animal damage. Once raccoons, squirrels and/or mice identify these weak spots, they will try their hardest to break in. If successful, you could possible have a whole family of critters to deal with.

Proper insulation will keep the roof in good shape and prevent any visitors from breaking in and making it their permanent home.


  1. Cold Drafts

During the winter, do you feel cold drafts? Not only is it important to insulate the attic of your home, but the windows and doors as well. Improperly insulated windows and doors can release a lot of air, causing your home to feel breezy.

After ensuring your attic is properly insulated, we would recommend calling a window and door company to check this for you. Drafts within the home can be a nuisance and quite expensive so it is best to look after it right away.


  1. Expensive Energy Bills

If you notice your energy bills are continuously growing, it may be because your heating/cooling system is working overtime to make sure your home stays at the desired temperature. This means that heat is escaping through your attic, windows, doors, foundation, etc and your home will never settle at a consistent temperature.




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