How often do you think about your roof?

If you’re like most people, you only really stop to think about it when something is wrong — when your ceiling starts leaking, for example, or some shingles get blown off. But the truth is that your roof adds a tremendous amount of value to your home, and by investing in it wisely, you can increase the resale value of your house accordingly.

Here are four of the main ways you can make your roof more effective, attractive, and appealing to a potential buyer.


1. Replace the Roof Before the Warranty Expires

Most homeowners in Toronto have flat roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, or roofs that incorporate both elements (particularly in older neighbourhoods like Dundas West). On average, these roofs last for 20-25 years and may have a warranty lasting up to 15.

Though the warranty is not necessarily the best way to judge whether your roof needs to be replaced — hailstorms or falling branches can cause roofs to be replaced sooner, while roofs that are less exposed to the elements due to their location may last longer — replacing your roof before the warranty expires is a good way to avoid the common problems that affect older roofs.

If your roof is nearing the end of its warranty, give our roofing experts at Professional Roofers and book an inspection and consultation to determine whether you should start thinking about a new roof today.

We offer a wide range of residential shingle roofing services as well as flat roofing Toronto, so no matter what type of house you have, we’ve got it covered.


2. Make Sure it is Properly Ventilated

We usually talk about roof systems in terms of keeping things out, be it rain, snow, or even wild animals. But an essential function of a pitched roof is also to create a space where hot air rising from inside the house doesn’t get trapped under the rafters, where it can damage the roof deck.

In most Toronto homes, the bottom part of the attic is filled with insulation while the top part creates an envelope where air can circulate and cool. But if there aren’t enough vents, or they aren’t properly placed, ventilation is inhibited, and moisture can build up.

One of the easiest but most important things you can do to enhance your roof is installing proper attic ventilation with the help of the airflow experts at Professional Roofers.


3. Install Skylights

Natural light is one of the essential features a home can offer. Unfortunately, many houses in Toronto — especially in the downtown core — suffer from insufficient natural light, and can feel dark and gloomy even in the middle of summer.

For this reason, skylights aren’t just a cool feature to have. They can also brighten up darker rooms and channel sunlight into parts of the house that might not be getting enough. And if you choose to

make the stars a part of your house with a new skylight, you’ll also be improving the value of your home: evidence suggests that they increase the resale price of your home.


4. Replace Soffits and Fascia

Soffits and fascia are an often-overlooked component of roof systems, but in addition to playing an essential role in protecting your roof from the elements, they can also contribute in subtle but very significant ways to a house’s overall appearance and curb appeal.

Soffits and fascia are distinct components that play an interrelated role: the soffit boards cover the ends of the rafters, while the fascia protects the space under your eaves. In addition to keeping water out and protecting your rafters, they also play an essential role in keeping vermin and birds from getting into your attic — no small thing in a city with such a widely documented problem with animal control.

If your soffits and fascia are showing signs of wear and tear, they can contribute to an overall sense that your home isn’t in good shape, so one of the easiest ways to enhance your roof’s value is to replace or repair this important feature.

Many homeowners make it a point to undertake at least one project every summer that will boost the value of their homes. This year, why not bring in Toronto roofers who can help you treat your roof like the asset it is.

Call Professional Roofers today, and find out how we can enhance your home’s value by replacing your roof, improving attic ventilation, installing a skylight, or re-doing your soffit and fascia.